Compressed Natural Gas Storage Tank LPG Composite Tank For Automotive

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: WellCare
Certification: ISO11119
Model Number: 15 - 35 L
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 piece
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Packaging Details: carton package
Delivery Time: 7 days after payment done
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100000 pieces per month
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Detail Information
Model NO.: LPG Composite Tank Storage Medium: Moncombustible/Nontoxic
Pressure Level: Medium Pressure (1.6MPa≤p<10.0MPa) Condition: New
Transport Package: Bulk Carriers Shipping Specification: Customize
Trademark: WellCare Origin: China
HS Code: 7309000000 Supply Ability: 6 Set/Sets Per Year
After-sales Service: Oil And Gas Maintenance Training Aid Warranty: 1 Year
Function: Storage Pressure Vessel Application: Liquefied Gas
Material: Stainless Steel Pressure: 1.6MPa≤p<10.0MPa
Customization: Available | Customized Request

Product Description

ISO11119-3 lpg composite cylinder LPG plastic cylinder LPG cylinder



1.ISO11119-3 standard
2.Class Fiber Composite
4.For LPG


7.Outside Diameter:315mm


LPG Composite Tank for AutomotiveLPG Composite Tank for Automotive



Monthly export quantity:36,000pcs

Clients from: CIS, Latin Amercia, Asia, Europe, middle east, Africa etc

1. Product structure and technical parameters

Type LPG-26.2
(L)Water Capacity 26.2
Filling Medium LPG
Weight(KG) 11
Height 656mm
Outside Diameter 315mm
Total Weight 7.0±0.2kg
Interior Material HDPE
Cylinder Material Glass Fiber Composite
Shell HDPE
Manufacturing Standard ISO11119-3
Proof Pressure,Ph 3.0Mpa
Design Burst Pressure,Pb 6.75MPa
Nominal Working Pressure,Pw 2.0MPa
Work Temperature -40----50 ºC
Thread M26*1.5Straight Thread
Install Valve Torque 80----120Nm
Working Life 12year
Periodic Inspection Period No mandatory requirement,Recommended for 4 years
Periodic Inspection Standard ISO11119-3
Valve Standard EN12245


product feature


Feature 1:The fire did not explode


After the composite LPG cylinder is placed in the fire, the inner tank softens, but the composite material retains its strength. LPG slowly and controllable leaks through the composite material gap, forming a flame on the cylinder surface. During the whole combustion process, the flame is controllable and the cylinder does not explode.


Feature 2:Corrosion resistance and aging resistance


The materials used in composite LPG cylinders have been specially modified, with excellent corrosion resistance and aging resistance. The products are as new as ever. Especially for coastal areas, they are not only safer and more reliable, but also have a lower comprehensive cost than steel cylinders.



Feature 3:Lighter Weight


One of the most notable features of composite LPG cylinders is their light weight, which is only 50% of that of steel cylinder of the same volume.This feature gives the product better portability, which not only effectively improves the end-user experience, but also reduces the delivery cost.


Feature 4:High Strength


The hydraulic burst pressure of the composite LPG cylinder is about 1.9 times that of the steel cylinder. When the cylinder is full and the shell is 1.2 meters high, it can drop 10 times in 5 angles, and the cylinder strength is not affected.When the full cylinder is impacted at a height of 3 meters without shell, the residual strength of the cylinder is not less than 3.65 times the safety factor.

Feature 5:Long life, no mandatory periodic inspection requirements, low comprehensive cost


The actual service life of composite LPG cylinder in foreign countries is more than 20 years.Domestic standards allow for 12 years of use without periodic inspections.


1. Q: Is the production and sale of composite LPG cylinders permitted by national laws and regulations?


A: Yes, the Special Equipment Supervision Bureau of the State Administration for Market Regulation has allowed and encouraged enterprises to produce and sell composite LPG cylinders since 2016. At present, relevant group standards have been put on record, and our company has obtained the production license.


2. Q: Do composite LPG cylinders meet the working conditions of steel cylinders?


A: Yes, the composite LPG cylinder can be used in high and low temperature, high humidity, outdoor ultraviolet, coastal corrosion, etc.


3. Q: How does the service life and periodic inspection of composite LPG cylinders differ from that of steel cylinders?


A: According to the requirements of the group standard, the service life of composite LPG cylinders is 12 years. If the life of the valve permits, no periodic inspection is required during this period.If the life of the valve is not allowed, the enterprise can replace the valve by itself or entrust Athird party to replace the valve according to the requirements of our company's valve replacement specification and Appendix A of the group standard.


4. Q: Are existing steel cylinder valves, charging guns, and distribution suitable for composite LPG cylinders?


A: The valve used for composite LPG cylinders differs only from the steel cylinder valve in the inlet thread, the rest of which is the same as the steel cylinder valve.

The existing steel cylinder gas charging gun is also suitable for composite LPG cylinders, and the up-down charging gun is more suitable.

Composite LPG cylinders can be stacked up to four or more layers with stable stacking, suitable for existing distribution habits.


5. Q: Is it easy to scratch the product when the product is hollow out? Is there a safety hazard when the gas cylinder is scratched?


A : Composite LPG cylinder hollowing is a common design pattern abroad, after more than 20 years of use, practice has proved stable and reliable.Hollowing can make the gas cylinder LPG gas liquid conversion and the outside world to better heat exchange, improve the efficiency of vaporization.Gas cylinder scratches are strictly tested in the group standard. Daily scratches and scratches do not affect product safety.Serious scratches (such as scratch depth more than 2mm) should be isolated for inspection and treated according to Appendix A of the group logo.

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