High Purity 99.999 Psa Nitrogen Generator, Laser Cutting Nitrogen Generator, Liquid Nitrogen

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Warranty: 5 Years Certification: ISO9001, RoHS, CE, ISO 13485
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Product Description

Product Description

PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production equipment:

1. PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production principle:
Under a certain pressure, carbon molecular sieve adsorbent is used to separate high air by taking advantage of the different diffusion rates of oxygen and nitrogen in the air in the pores of carbon molecular sieve. That is, the diffusion adsorption of oxygen on carbon molecular sieve is far greater than that on helium, so the oxygen in the air (carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc.) is first adsorbed; Nitrogen is enriched through the adsorption bed and exported as product gas. When the components adsorbed by the adsorbent in the tower tend to be saturated, the atmospheric desorption is carried out to regenerate the adsorbent: the clean compressed air after the pretreatment of oil removal, water removal and dust removal enters another adsorption tower to continue to adsorb and produce nitrogen. The programmable controller PLC controls the opening and closing of each valve in the pipeline system, pressurized adsorption, and depressurized desorption to achieve the alternate cycle of the two adsorption towers to complete the connection and nitrogen production. This process is PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generation.
High Purity 99.999 Psa Nitrogen Generator, Laser Cutting Nitrogen Generator, Liquid Nitrogen
2. PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production technical indicators:

★ Nitrogen output: 1~2000Nm '/h
★ Nitrogen purity: 97%~99.999

3. Basic flow of nitrogen production equipment:

High Purity 99.999 Psa Nitrogen Generator, Laser Cutting Nitrogen Generator, Liquid Nitrogen
Basic flow of nitrogen production equipment
Oxygen and nitrogen separation system
Air compressor
air cleaner

4. Characteristics of nitrogen production equipment:

★ The advanced adsorber structure is designed with the best proportion in combination with the size of the air flow and the adsorption characteristics of molecular pa.

★ The unique air distributor design makes the air flow in the adsorption bed more uniform and greatly improves the utilization rate of the adsorbent. ★ The unique air inlet mode+cylinder compression device can effectively avoid the pulverization of the adsorbent and ensure the working life of the adsorbent for more than 10 years. ★ -- Step method for producing high-purity nitrogen: it is possible to directly produce nitrogen with purity of 99.995% or more without purification.

★ Advanced energy-saving design process ensures that the highest nitrogen output can be obtained with the lowest raw air consumption, and the energy saving of the product can reach more than 10%. The key parts and components are made of internationally famous crystal brand, which can guarantee the normal service life of more than 10 years.

★ Intelligent full-automatic control. No special person is required to take care of: electrical automatic interlocking protection can realize remote DCS control.

★ Advanced design technology and sophisticated manufacturing technology ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment. The equipment is maintenance-free at ordinary times.

★ Helium purity and flow are monitored online, so that users can keep track of equipment dynamics at any time.

★ The gas production is fast, and qualified ammonia can be produced within 15 minutes after starting up: it is easy to start and stop, and it is easy to start and stop.

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