Gas Fire Extinguishing System, Fire Extinguisher Cylinder, Easy Operation Extinguisher

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Model NO.: Easy Operation Extinguisher Effective Range: 5m
Retirement Life: 5 Years Dry Powder Type: Ordinary Dry Powder
Power Source: Pressure Fire Extinguisher Transport Package: Cartons Fire Extinguisher
Specification: 1.25L 2.5L 7.5L 11.25L 13.5L Trademark: WellCare
Origin: China HS Code: 8424100090
Supply Ability: 100, 000 Pieces For One Year Agent: Dry Powder
Type: Portable Fire Extinguisher Object: Class A Fires
Size: 6kg Certification: CCCF, GB8013-2005, CCC, CE
Portable Extinguisher: Portable Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Samples: US$ 20/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample
Customization: Available | Customized Request

Product Description

Product Description

Gas Fire Extinguishing System, Fire Extinguisher Cylinder, Easy Operation ExtinguisherClass A rating fire extinguishers are often water-based, and are highly effective in extinguishing burning materials found or stored in an office or warehouse for example. Water-based Class A extinguishers may also have additives to make them more effective.

Class B rating fire extinguishers are usually foam fire extinguishers or powder. These extinguishers work by not only extinguishing flames but also sealing in any potentially dangerous vapours.

Class C rating fire extinguishers will be dry powder fire extinguishers that are capable of separating the elements of thee fire triangle.   

Class D rating fire extinguishers are highly specialized extinguishers, designed to be used on specific metal fires with such exotic names as M28, L2 and Purple-K. They will have a long lance with a low velocity application on the end.

Class E rating fire extinguishers are specially designed for use on live electrical equipment. While a powder fire extinguisher is non-conductive and safe to use, the most popular fire extinguisher for use on electrical equipment fires is carbon dioxide, which extinguishes flames without causing further damage.

Class F rating fire extinguishers, also known as wet chemical fire extinguishers, are specifically for fires involving cooking oils and fats.

POWDER Fire Extinguisher:

Cylinder SizeD85*H270D110*H317D162*H422D184*H489D184*H581
Net Weight2.4kg4.1kg9.8kg14.2kg18kg
Working temp-20ºC~60ºC
Working Pressure14 Bar
Test Pressure27 Bar
Discharge Time(s)9s11s17s20s
Fire Class8A 34B C13A 70B C34A 183B C55A 233B C55A 233B C
Packing Size(mm)490*250*370370*270*415170*170*560205*200*610210*200*700


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